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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A vent about men, women and weight loss

Some background information if you please:

During my pregnancy, my husband was responsible for almost every meal in our home. During the first trimester I was either so nauseated I could barely move, throwing up so much I had bruises from ramming my body into the toilet, or I was sleeping. Not much help in the kitchen. During the second trimester I was STILL sick and having complications and eventually landed on bedrest...which meant Josh was STILL in charge of meals.

Now the guy works very hard (and doesn't really know how to cook much more than eggs and spaghetti..both which made me throw up at the mention of them!) and so we ate a lot of takeout. A lot. And because I was so sick, he ended up not only eating his food, but usually mine too. So he gained 30 lbs....way more than I did! (Although eventually I did gain..mostly fluid, but hey, I gained!)

After Reagan was born, within a week I lost 40 lbs...which meant I lost double what I had gained! I'm sure a lot of it was due to breastfeeding, losing water weight and just plain not eating from all the stress...oh and let's not forget the weight of the baby and all the stuff that goes out with it! But since then I've gained the 40 lbs BACK!!! Unbelievable. And for months I've been trying to lose it...and more....and Josh has too.

Fast forward to today: Josh and I have been eating the same foods, basically following the same exercise pattern and everything else...guess who has lost almost all his weight?? YES! He did! And I've lost a measly 3 lbs!! (Ok, I'm interrupting this vent to give him a big KUDOS!) Ok, back to venting:

Why is it soooo much easier for men to lose weight??..it just isn't fair! I feel like the cartoon drawing on some weight loss medicine commercial that complains about how much her husband is losing and she just keeps getting rounder!

I have never in my life been ultra-skinny, although I have been slender at times and chunky at times and other times I was just middle of the road and perfectly happy with how I looked--at this point I just want to wear my closet full of clothes! Argh.

Alright...so seriously, I need a reality check. My 30th birthday is coming up next year and I want to go all out and look incredible....and perhaps coherce Josh into splurginging on a vacation! ;) So this is my goal pic (now in a million years I will never look like this because this is obviously my head on Jessica Simpson's body and well, she is, um, er, slightly, ok A LOT, more endowed than I am..but this is MY fantasy pic)...so I'm aiming to get as close as I can to THIS picture by June 2009---so if you happen to talk to me, see me or whatever--bully me about how the diet and exercise are going! Leah, get that ice cream out of your mouth!!!! You know, that sort of thing.... (as if I would eat ice cream........)


oh and while we're at it, I have no idea who's body this is, but don't you just LOVE the hair...I'm seriously thinking about going with that cut!


  1. i love the haircut with the short whispy pieces.....i think that is sassy!!!!good luck with the weight loss....ive been on the same path for all my life and i know how hard it can be.....

  2. Girl, I'm right there with you. Gotta, at least, drop the rest of this pregnancy weight!

    That is a cute haircut. I think it would look great on you!


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