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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Musings....

I rarely post on Wednesday..mostly because it's a very whirlwind packed day when I'm trying to clean the house, take care of Reagan, make a dinner for her and Josh and then I head out to my outside job. Many people might say it's my "real" job....I don't consider it that way though. I *do* consider it to be a job where I get to stretch my brain a little; but in reality all my days are filled with mind stretching activities and questions:

Is Reagan eating enough fruits and vegetables?
Has she had enough pee and poopy diapers?
Did I remember to brush her teeth?
Am I setting a good example?
Am I teaching her to be polite?
Am I teaching her to love God?
Am I teaching her to be gentle?
Does she understand this particular concept yet?
Am I reading enough to her?
Where is Baby!?!?! (Baby is her stuffed bear.)
Does she have sunscreen on?
Did she get her allergy medicine today?
Ok, really, where is Baby!@??! ;)

Admittedly, sometimes some of the things I do during the day aren't THAT big of a deal I'm sure and don't get me wrong, I have times when I yell and others when I just kick back and read a magazine...but in the grand scheme of things, my "real" job is always and will always be at home, raising Reagan. I'm doing something more important there than anything I could do "outside" of the home...I'm building a person.

Someone I hope will grow up to be an independent, loving, caring, free spirited, intelligent, God-loving, happy child. And sometimes I forget that...I think most moms do forget it from time to time, in the day to day running of lives when peanut butter is smeared across the kitchen floor and there are a stack of dishes and too many loads of laundry to count and a half naked baby running around in a dirty diaper.

So let this serve as a reminder to you and to me, that nothing will ever be so important as the work we do at home, with our little ones. Whether it be feeding them green beans or simply playing 'The Wheels on the Bus', we have the most important job of all!


  1. wow....dont i feel like a jerk for wanting to get a "real" job now.....love ya


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