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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Great Crayon War

I could have picked up the crayons by myself in about 30 seconds. I could have. But I didn't. Instead I chose to battle it out with a my toddler.

"Reagan, pick up your crayons." She ignores me.
"Reagan, please pick up your crayons." Again, ignored.
"Reagan, please pick up your crayons from the floor and put them in your bucket." This I say thinking maybe she needs more specific instructions. Again, I am ignored.
"Reagan, if you don't pick up your crayons right now, you are going in time out." Ignored. We make our way to the bedroom for 1.5 minutes of time-out with Reagan howling the whole time. Discussion. This is why you were in time-out. Now, back to pick up the crayons. Repeat earlier scene...this time with a smack on the butt and time-out.

FINALLY....30 minutes and one burned dinner later, the crayons are up off the floor and I have a tear-stained toddler watching Pooh while I finally salvage what's left of our supper for the evening.



  1. Oh...I know the feeling all too well! At this age how do you know what arguments to have and not to have? I mean you don't want them walking all over you and this is when they are learning that right? LOL...but no matter what I always feel walked on...come on, I'm arguing with a toddler, that is never a win-win situation!


  2. i feel your pain, we have the same "battles"....ours are just normally over puzzle pieces, or more than that dirty towels......

  3. We had that same scene (including time out twice and the leg popping) the other day over spilled cheez-its. It would be so much easier to just do it ourselves, but then, how would they learn? Good luck with your battles!


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