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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry (belated) Christmas!

I haven't posted in the last week because, well, as you can imagine, it's been quite hectic around here with Christmas! We had a great Christmas, in case you were wondering, despite a few minor mishaps (like Amazon's major goof on Reagan's kitchen). However, it all turned out well in the end, as another present arrived to take the kitchen's place, just in (literally) the nick of time.

Santa delivered the Rose Petal Cottage and then a couple of days later, the Cherry Blossom market arrived. By the way, they are absolutely the cutest little girl toys ever and I highly recommend them to any mom! I even wanted to spend the day holed up in the comfy little nursery that came with the cottage!

Nothing else too noteworthy has been happening, save the freak weather..one day it's negative something or another, the next day it's 60 degrees...who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll have a tsunami (and we're land-locked!)

I made my first bread pudding ever..and I must say, it turned out pretty well! I was pleasantly surprised! It made enough for two loaf pans and I've frozen them for some cold wintry day in January when I can't get up the urge to cook :) I'm sure that'll be sometime soon! Here's a link to the recipe! (And in case you were wondering, this is not in anyway an endorsement of that website, since I've only read the recipe..and that came from googling, but if that recipe is any indication, it's a site I'm going to frequent!!)

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  1. Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas! I wanted to get Rose Petal cottage for Little, but Matt said we don't have room. Which is true, but I was still a little disappointed. Oh well, maybe I can talk him into it by her birthday.


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