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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sharing some new photos!

I can't believe I forgot to post Reagan's birthday party pictures! So here are a few (late!) and also, a few of her second birthday portraits!

Reagan loving on her balloon and enjoying herself before the party...

She then realizes there's a party next door with OLDER kids...and of course she wanted to join (here she is peeking in on them!)

I had to get a shot of a two year old actually eating broccoli! (ok, ok, so she was really licking the ranch!)

Reagan blowing out her pooh cake!

Reagan opening up the hit of the party...a growling tiger flashlight! Mostly she just looked ticked that we kept interrupting her cake and ice cream eating session to bring her gifts! Her little friends did enjoy helping her, but shockingly..all Reagan was interested in was food (that NEVER happens!!!)

Reagan and daddy on the choochoo train at the spray ground!

Reagan trying to drink the water!

Notice the expression on both their faces!?!

Reagan and daddy swimmin'... (guess where mommy was? behind the camera...AS USUAL!)

Reagan having a complete and total blast!!

Reagan's second birthday portraits..the little ham!!

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  1. Now that looks like a fun birthday party! Love the picture of her and Josh with identical expressions - too funny! Her portraits are precious; she is so pretty.


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