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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Reagan Stories!

Wanted to share a few sweet and funny Reagan stories!

Christmas morning, Reagan woke up all excited and exclaimed "Presents for Reagan! Presents for Reagan!" Then she became very solemn and said "Baby Jesus birthday." Yes, little one, and how very lucky we are to be able to celebrate it!

Reagan is now counting to ten! And she just turned two! Way to go baby!!

We went to visit Josh's parents the other day and Reagan was letting her teddy bear use the bathroom. She put him on the toilet seat and then made the (inevitable) pooting sounds. I nearly died from laughing so hard!!

Oh, and soon, one day, I will catch her singing her compilation of songs she loves..the "Baby Jesus song" (aka Away in a Manger) and Jingle Bells.

More to come soon I'm sure!

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