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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Time??

A woman on my discussion board brought up this question, and wow, does she have a point! Have we ever seen a President of this country with so much free time on his hands??? Appearances on late night television, taking time to make out his basketball brackets, drinking with his buddies and so forth and so on.

In the (paraphrased) words of a Duke coach, 'maybe he should be focusing more on the economy and less on sports.' Yeah, except every time he opens his mouth, my investments fall just a little bit more..pretty soon I expect to be in the negative range.

The thing is, if we're in such an economic struggle right now, why is he not spending more time focusing on that? And another thing---according to reports earlier this month, Obama's staff was just so concerned because he was feeling overwhelmed and not sleeping much (um, yeah, you idiot, you signed on to be President of the United States..it's not exactly a 9-5 job nor is it a job for a so-called 'community organizer'!!)--yet he has time to go focus on sports and television?

And let's not forget that he was apparently SO OVERWHELMED by the so-called economic crisis, that he could not give British Prime Minister Brown a proper welcome....let's say that again...BRITISH PRIME MINISTER....our biggest ally!?!?! We can't give them a proper welcome...?!?!? Because we're too tired...and then a little later on, we're ok to go out drinking with our friends and do a basketball bracket?

Yeah, that shows great priorities as our President...and clearly shows (once again) that Obama was NOT ready to take on this job.

Before I end this...can I just say that I am SOOOOO sorry to anyone who might be British and is reading this blog? You deserve so much thanks for standing beside us than you are clearly getting...and the American people realize this. We are deeply embarrassed for the way our President has responded to you. ...and even more deeply embarrassed over his pathetic movie gift. Sorry guys...truly I am....I can only say, *I* didn't vote for him!

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