"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction"-Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Spring!!

On Monday evening, I took advantage of Daddy reading books to Reagan, to get out her spring clothes and hang them in her closet. Normally, hanging up ALL her clothing is a daunting task and I was enjoying listening to the children's books and watching Reagan and Daddy interact. About 1/4 of the way through, Reagan asked me what I was doing.

"I'm putting up your spring clothes," I replied.
Reagan begins bouncing up and down on her knees: "Spring! Yah, yah, yah! Spring is here! Spring is here! Spring is here!"

LOL! You can tell she's a northern kid that's been couped up all winter!

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  1. I feel that way about Spring, too, and I'm a Southern girl! :-)


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