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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some new pictures!

This is perhaps the best gift I've ever been given! It was my "Valentine's Day" gift from Reagan (although she didn't realize it was that at all! We were at the library courtyard, she was running around with friends and found a piece of a dried hydrangea that had fallen off..so she picked it up and brought it to mommy! "for you"....my heart melted...Then she decorated this old relish jar for me to put it in...It's proudly displayed on our bookshelf!

This is Reagan and her friend eating their Valentine's Day peppermint hearts! Yummm!!

Reagan climbed up in her Daddy's chair one afternoon and said "I'm relaxin'!"

One of Reagan's ABSOLUTE favorite books, and has been since she was a baby, is a book with all kinds of shapes and textures in it..she calls it her 'sticky banana book' because one of the pages is all about fruit and it has "sticky" bananas! So, we decided to make her a sticky banana fruit face! See the raisins on the grapes for the eyes!? It's just like the picture! Too fun!

Ok, yes, a lot of our projects revolve around food..I'm southern...go figure! This is Reagan making green jello jigglers for St. Patty's Day!

Here's Reagan wearing her Rose Petal Cottage apron and making blueberry muffins! And yes, that's all her artwork on the wall!

Oh and in case you were wondering about the big toothy grin-grimace on her face...she refuses to take any pictures now without saying "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!" and grinning as big as she can!!

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