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Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted some cute Reaganisms..and it's mostly because by the time I've gotten to the computer, I've forgotten them!! :( Argh! Anyway, here are a few from today!!

Reagan got her MMR today. Unfortunately. I was planning on holding off until she had a few weeks to recover from being so very sick. And honestly, I wanted to wait til she was about three. HOWEVER, there have been some reported cases in our city and so, I felt it was important for her to get immunized NOW. Obviously the shot hurt, and afterwards I took her to Burger King for macaroni and cheese (which was her special request!) While waiting in the drive-thru, she said in her very hoarse voice (from screaming and crying!) "Never duuue dat agin. (shaking head) Never duue dat agin." Yes, I did very nearly cry...talk about breaking your mother's heart!


After a nice nap and some Tylenol, Reagan woke up and wanted to play. I decided to do some laundry! And found her tools (Handy Manny) that had been missing for a few days! She immediately decided that her old crib needed to be fixed. So we went into the old nursery and she begin 'fixing' the crib...she said "Ok! Need Stretch (the measuring tape)" and she began 'measuring' the crib. I asked how tall it was and she answered "BIG" :D Then very solemnly she said "It's as tall as Reagan." Yes, I was rolling!!


Today Reagan asked me 'why do we have storms?'...SERIOUSLY. I was a little flabbergasted...as I wasn't expectingt this type of a question from my 26 month old. I tried to answer it as best I could without getting too technical..but wow. Just wow. Every day she amazes me!


  1. wowza! she is one smart little cookie isn't she?!?
    sorry you had to do the mmr :( definetely better safe than sorry. our ped (whom I very much trust) said to do it if there were ANY reported cases in our area so I trhink you made the right choice.

  2. Thus the need to record everything they say with a perpetual voice recorder. There have been so many times Little said something so sweet or hilarious and I forgot it by the time I went to type it.

    Two is a fun age for the things they say and do (minus the fit-pitching parts!).

  3. I admit it. I have had to use the Internet for something Jenna asked before...


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