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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today is the first official day of Spring for 2009. Thank God! We could use a nice stretch of warm weather. To celebrate, Reagan and I have some fun stuff planned!

First, breakfast: I thought I'd make her egg-in-toast, which I've never made before, using a flower shaped cookie cutter. (Note: and yes, as a germaphobe, I *WILL* be making sure the egg is COMPLETELY cooked..unlike the link above..although I do remember gooey egg yolk as a kid and it was ...drooool..soo good....however, now I know..ick, what germs are there!)

After that, we're going to do some crafts together--making a spring 'windsock', painting a flower pot, planting some catnip for the cats, making paper plate umbrellas, making cupcake liner flowers and enjoying some spring time songs. We're also going to make a trip to the library for some 'springtime' books and perhaps fly her Pooh kite..if it's warm enough!

Somewhere in there, we'll make smoothies and apple 'ladybugs'. She should be nice and worn out by the time bedtime rolls around (which will be nice for Daddy...I'll be at the office!)

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