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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Proctor and Gamble have earned me as a customer for life!

I really do enjoy most of the Proctor and Gamble products on the market, but after trying the new Always Infinity, I was left with some bitter consumer disappointment. I decided to contact the company and let them know how I felt and to tell them that their product needed some major tweaking (in my humble opinion). A day hadn't even gone by before I heard from them to tell me that they were sending a refund to me.

How great is that? A company that obviously wants to please it's customers offers to refund your money on a product, that yes, you did use, but you really disliked. Because of their handling of this problem, they've definitely earned me as a continued customer.

Now, I'm not saying that people should go complain about products they dislike just to get money back. That's so dishonest (for example, I've heard that some people are taking advantage of the Carter's company and their refund program for their 'tagless' line..this is NOT how capitalism works people!!) But if you're genuinely unhappy with a product, let the company know. The same goes for things you enjoy too. I've contacted many companies just to let them know I loved their new product! Remember, companies like getting compliments as much (if not more) than we do..and it ensures that products we really like stay on the market for a while!

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  1. Good customer service is always nice, especially when you get it from a large corporation.


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