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Friday, August 28, 2009

Coupon Fairies

Are you a "coupon fairy"? I just love those people! Sometimes I try to be one myself, but I'm always slightly embarrassed at the thought of a manager of a grocery store catching me!

Let me explain what a coupon fairy is: Someone who leaves coupons that they can't use right on top of the product in the store for someone else to use when they come along. The other day I was out of laundry detergent and just didn't have time to sift through my (unorganized) coupons. Luckily, some wonderful coupon fairy had left a $2.00 off coupon right there on the shelf for the exact detergent I needed! I was in Heaven and had no problems swiping up the coupon and using it on my own bill.

So, are you a coupon fairy? Have you taken up the generosity of some anonymous coupon fairy?


  1. Yes, I do it w/diaper coupons if I have too many or if it is a brand I do not use.

  2. I don't do it because we rely on coupon "fairies" to send us coupons over here. We have a community center type of place, where every week we get these packages of nothing but coupons from little old ladies that spend hours clipping and collecting coupons to mail to us. So I use all mine when I get them. But I am very grateful to the women who send them to us!!!


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