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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think my cat is anorexic

She throws up after every meal and has since she was a baby. She is in perfect health and gets bloodwork ran every few years to ensure that she is. But she still throws up. I tell you, I am so sick of waking up and stepping in cat puke..DISGUSTING I TELL YOU! It's almost like having a second child except this one will never advance to where she is able to get to the bathroom in time to throw up. Argh.

I do love her though...she was my first "baby" and I still love to wake in the morning hearing her purr and cuddle next to me. She still has her habit of snuggling into my hair to smell it and padding my shoulders with her little paws. And, although she sleeps 16 hours a day, there are those random moments of friskiness that reminds me of when she was a kitten.

I just really really wish she'd stop throwing up on my bed.

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  1. She may have a problem with hairballs......I use "LaxAire"(or is it LaxAide???) for my cat. Seems to help a lot and she LOVES the flavor.


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