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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Here are a few fun fall activities Reagan and I have been working on the past few weeks:

Decorating Pumpkins: We used glitter and paint on ours, but you can dress them up with anything of course!

Washing Pumpkins: Kids love this because they get to make a mess in the water..and grownups love it to because you don't have to worry about all the dirt and grime from the pumpkin all over your house! Just fill a small tub with soapy water, lay a towel on the floor and provide your child with lots of sponges, squeegies and washcloths.

Crinkly Leaves: Cut out a leaf on construction paper, or download a leaf template and cut out. Let your child squish and crinkle dried leaves that you've collected (in a bowl..much less messy). Apply a coating of glue to the leaf and then sprinkle leaves over the glue. Let dry and hang in a window.

Decorating Acorns: You can use an acorn template (or draw it freehand) or collect actual acorns. Decorate with glitter, paint, crayons, etc. If using real acorns hang up using a loop of coordinating ribbons or use them as napkin ties for the Thanksgiving dinner (imagine how proud your little one will be showing them off!)

Fingerprint pumpkin patch: Have your child dip her thumb in orange paint and then make prints all over a piece of construction paper. After the paint has dried, have your child go back over with a green marker to add vines, leaves and stems.

Toilet paper roll pumpkin: Items needed: One roll of toilet paper, one paper lunch sack (brown), fabric in fall colors (1/4 yard). Have your child place the toilet paper roll (with paper still on it!) in center of fabric. Going all the way around the fabric, tuck all loose ends into the center of the roll. Roll paper sack up lengthwise and insert into toilet paper roll center. You have an adorable pumpkin! You can even use pipe cleaners to add leaves and vines.

Corn project: Download corn template and have your child color as he wishes. Then have him glue on hardened corn kernals.

Pumpkin face project: Pick up a cheap pumpkin shaped placemat from a discount store (preferably fabric). Using felt, cut out a variety of noses, mouths and eyes. Have your child decorate and redecorate her pumpkin!

There are also tons of fall themed snacks you can make with your child including pumpkin bread, muffins and pies to popcorn and apple cider.


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