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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our new van!

We are offically parents (which begs the question 'what have you been for the past three years??') Ok. So in terms of vehicles, we are now officially parents. This weekend we bought a Honda Odyssey. I absolutely love her!

Reagan is having some adjustment issues, however, asking us to bring back our old vehicle. But she does seem to enjoy being able to see EVERYTHING from her seat now.

Let me tell you about the van: She's gold and not new, but new to us (and as a former car salesman, let me tell you to NEVER NEVER buy a new car....quite frankly, you are literally THROWING your money away if you do). She's an EX model with beige interior and literally spotless. I love that she has dual sliding keyless doors and a CD player AND a cassette player (I have a lot of old music left over!) and Josh and I plan on putting a DVD player in for Reagan when we go on trips. She has a great tailgating feature and lots of power and handles like a car. These are all things I've always loved about the Odyssey (I sold Hondas in a previous life ;) )and really appreciate all the more now that I'm a mom.

Thanks Honda, for making a great, reliable vehicle! I can't tell you how happy I am to finally be back to a two-Honda family instead of just a one-Honda family....there is no other car I trust more and no other vehicle I'd rather have (ok, maybe the Honda Pilot!!).

I could go on expounding the virtues of Hondas for days, but unfortunately I need to get to bed at sometime tonight. At any rate, this has really been an amazing weekend for us and we're really happy with our new purchase!

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  1. We're about to buy an Odyssey (don't really have a choice with baby #3 coming in about 10 weeks!), and now that I've gotten over the issue of driving a van instead of my Subaru, I'm looking forward to it (kind of). :-) What year did you guys buy?


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