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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I warned him I was going to post this....

So, my absolutely favorite body wash in.the.world. has been disappearing at an alarming rate. I know this because I have been using it VERY conservatively. As in....some days I open the container and sniff, then sigh, close it, and use my other body wash.

On Saturday Josh let me sleep late. It's kind of our thing. I sleep late on Saturday. He sleeps late on Sunday (we have a later Church service). I woke up...dragged myself to the bathroom and was staring at my bouffant hair, dark circles and droopy everything...when I smelled IT. YES. IT. MY LEMON SCENTED BODY WASH.

I whipped open the shower curtain...and there, THERE, is my husband....using NOT ONLY my lemon scented body wash people, BUT MY LOOFAH!!!!! And as it hits him, that I've just caught him using all my girly wonderful smelly-feel-good stuff, his mouth drops open and he tries to hide the loofah and all the lemon scented soap suds cascading off his naked body by whipping his knees up to his chest and holding the loofah as if it's his PRECIOUS that I'm going to attempt to rip out of his hands. I won't say the thought didn't occur to me. Because it did.

Today, I am proud to report, he not only bought his OWN body wash (and not a girly one either!) and his OWN loofah, but he also bought me some more lemony-smelling goodness.

I'm not sure if I still want to punch him or what :/ Hmm.....and UGH! MY LOOFAH! I swear that's like drinking milk after someone or using someone's toothbrush..ugh! ugh! UGH!!!!


  1. Ha! That was a LOL mind picture!!! Definitely blog-worthy! Thanks for the smile.

    PS I love Old Spice After Hours body wash for men...oh yeah.

  2. LOL! OH the image of that will stick with me for a while! That is hilarious!

  3. Ha! I'm sure Josh loves that this is posted for all the world to read. Too funny!


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