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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things that would make my life easier....

In other words, things I am SO getting in our dream house.

1. No more towel bars...only hooks. Since I really am OCD I am forever straightening the towels in my house..I can't stand crinkly towels. Hooks..no problem!

2. No more carpet. I can't WAIT to have a house with no carpet. I can't STAND carpet! No more carpet also means I won't single handly be keeping Arm and Hammer in the black.0

3. A mudroom. OH WHAT I WOULD GIVE FOR A MUDROOM! Some place to kick off snow boots without having snow all over the house. Someplace to hang all the hats, gloves, snowsuits and jackets that are soaking wet!

4. Duvet covers. You know, spend one minute in the morning making the bed instead of wrestling with the 8 zillion blankets we currently have on it?

5. Body pillows...to prop up decorative pillows --instead of fluffing the zillions of pillows we currently use...OR eropean pillow cases only...whichever is less work for me.


7. A toyroom with a door...so I don't have to look at it.

8. WHITE SLIPCOVERED furniture..yes. White. With children. Wait, lest you think I've completely lost it. BLEACH people. BLEACH.

9. A warming tray. I can cook dinner and nothing gets cold. Happy Day! Happy Day!

10. A preschooler that listens...oh wait, that'll never happen!

What would you have (or do have) in your dream home that absolutely makes your life 110% better??

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  1. Leah...the only problem with no more carpet, is the floors are forever dirty. I sweep, swiffer, mop, spot mop ALL.The.TIME...and you still can't eat off my floors ;-). I LOVE the idea of a warming tray though and the preschooler who listens, haha, but it is a marathon my mom says, not a sprint, so we just have to stick with it and eventually they will listen!


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