"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction"-Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Thursday!

It is amazing how fast the week goes by during the summer. It seems there is always something to do..in fact TOO much to do and we're racing here and there.

At any rate, this week Reagan and I attended a bumble bee garden party (inside due to the rain) and I'll post pictures this weekend! She looked absolutely adorable as a little bumble bee! We've been to a cookout, played until she's absolutely exhausted, worked on cutting a new tooth and just got back from another play date..I must say, Reagan is a popular little girl! I'm going to be one exhausted momma carting her to and from everything!

Tomorrow we also have a big outing planned. This time to Shipshewanna, which is an Amish town about an hour and a half from home. Reagan loves to visit the horses and I want to stock up on some whole foods they have at their bulk store. I also am hoping to find a mill grinder and a water bath canner! I'm really looking forward to feeding my family much healthier foods!

On another note, we've decided to cloth diaper Reagan for the remainder of the time that she's in diapers. Not only is it a huge savings (we're spending roughly $60 a month on diapers and accessories at the moment and up until about 4 months ago, we were spending over $300 a month on diapers, accessories and formulas!), but it also will be a lot healthier for her little bum--hopefully no more diaper rashes and no more skin irritations on her back from where the disposables rub!

And before you gasp in awe, they're not the same diapers kids of our generation were clothed in! They are very much like disposables now, with snaps and they just slide right on...the only difference is they're made out of cloth (well, that and you wash them!)

And furthermore, no, I am not going liberal on you guys! Which brings me to my next topic of interest. Have you heard all of the court rulings from this past week? I'll touch on two very briefly.

First, I'm proud that the Second Amendment was actually upheld. Americans have the right to bear arms-plain and simple. Our forefathers knew there might come a time when government would get too big (can we hear a NOW!??!) and we would need some recourse to protect ourselves and revamp our system.

Now for those of you who believe that allowing our citizens to bear arms causes more crime, well, this blog isn't for you, and neither are factual hard numbers for that matter. No matter what, criminals will find a way to get their hands on guns. Because they are.... (say it with me now....) CRIMINALS! They have no respect for the law. A law banning guns will not stop them from getting their hands on them. It will, however, stop YOU from being able to protect yourself and your family. And with that, I firmly urge you to support the NRA!

The second ruling I want to talk about is the fact that 'the death penalty is not proportional punishment for child molesters'. Hmm. Well ok. Then what exactly is???? I mean, they are not only hurting that child physically, mentally and emotionally..but they are taking that child's innocence away FOREVER. Fine, you don't want to kill them, I like Louisiana's governor's plan just as well--chemical castration! But let me say this, if anyone EVER hurt my child, I can guarantee that the justice system won't have a chance to do anything to them. I will hunt them down and kill them myself. Obviously, I believe the death penalty is 'proportional punishment' for child molesters.

One final note, I urge you to sign up for Glenn Beck's magazine, Fusion. Today is the last day to sign up to get the July issue. The July issue supposedly has NO opinions in it...it simply states word for word, the Constitution, the words of Carl Marx and the words of the two candidates running for President today....how much do you want to bet that the two candidates sound NOTHING like our forefathers? I'm willing to bet even more that Obama sounds JUST LIKE Carl Marx.....

I'll leave you with this quote by a friend of mine "America. The land of the free and home of the brave. Vote Obama for change." ;)


  1. Will you be my new best friend?

    You are right on...I love it!!! It is hard to find other conservative women...especially 2nd amendment supporting conservative women in So. Cal. I applaud your guts and matter-of-factness on politics!

    Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying summer...have a great weekend!

    Love, the other Leah

    PS: My wedding present was my first pistol...

  2. i used to think that i could never use cloth diapers, but then when you start potty training, its almost the same concept.....just panies instead of diapers.....


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