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Friday, June 20, 2008

Remiss in my duties

...as a blogger! I haven't been blogging at all this week and I've missed it! Reagan is *SUPPOSED* to be napping (however I can still hear her in there chatting away) and I wanted to catch up!

There isn't really any big news for this week. We've been enjoying some incredible weather..in the 70s, gorgeous blue skies (think North Carolina skies), birds twittering and flowers blooming..absolutely lovely weather--wish all summer could be like this! We've been outside running and playing and just enjoying the days; as well as a strawberry picking session at a local farm...excuse me, mommy picked, Reagan ate strawberries--here's a picture of her covered in the juice! The picking only lasted about twenty minutes (a long time in toddler land) and then Reagan was quite ready for a nap!

What else? Reagan has discovered two new favorite foods: cantaloupe and cheese quesadillas! She's learned a few new words, including "HOP!"..cute story to follow; and she's saying sentences, albiet short sentences! We also had a scary moment on Thursday morning.

Josh was leaving for the office when he discovered our garage door was wide open and then he noticed that the garage door opener from our car was missing. Apparently someone didn't quite get to finish the business of burgluring our garage. We did call the police and we're changing the codes. Joy.

Ok, now for some cute Reagan stories:

The other day she helped me mix some flour and yeast and salt for bread....and later on I found cute little floured handprints on the door and couch

Earlier this week she fell off the couch while we were snacking and reading and I said 'are you ok??' like I always do and for the first time she popped back up and said 'I ok!'

On Tuesday, we went to a program at the library and after the program, we went outside and played in the courtyard where some older kids were playing hopscotch...Reagan kept getting right on top of them and bending down to watch what they were doing with their feet and trying to hop herself (couldn't quite get it!) and then she started laughing and saying 'hop! hop! hop!'

Enjoy the start to the weekend!


  1. Sounds like a fun week! I am sorry to hear about your garage...that is so scary!!! Hope you have a nice weekend. It is in the 100's here, so enjoy the 70 degree weather, I am jealous!

    PS: Thanks for the tag on the Meme...I had fun thinking up some fun things about my kiddos!

  2. hey dont feel bad, i havent blogged all week either.....jennifer and her kids aer visiting from germany so we have been busy......love ya


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