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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Toddler Thursday is ba-aa--aa-ck!!!

So, in the long absense of Toddler Thursday, I've been compiling a list of activities for Reagan and I. I've done this before, but what fustrates me so incredibly is I think 'oh, we'll do this or that', only to realize I don't have the props for the game. So, below, I've made a list of propless activities, as well as activities that require items you more than likely have in your own home or can make from items in your home!(OH! And feel free to add any activities of your own!) These activities are appropriate for your 1-2 year old! And I'm breaking them down into at least three sections because there are a ton! Enjoy!

Games that require no props or props almost all mothers have on hand: Part I:

Bubbles (you can even make your own with dishsoap and water and curl an old hanger into a bubble blower!)
Puzzles (even if you don't have puzzles, go through magazines, find pictures of animals or flowers your child likes, cut out, glue to heavier cardboard (heck, even use old cereal boxes here) and cut them into large pieces!)
Reading (lately we've been reading "I Like Pumpkins' by Jerry Smath, it's Reagan's favorite!)
Coloring (make large, chunky crayons by melting a few of your regular ones together in a muffin pan!)
Painting (with regular old water paints or pudding paint)
Bath time regular old bubble baths with bath toys are still fun or use this tip I read from another mom: freeze colored cubes of ice (just add food coloring) and let them slowly dissolve in the bath water..then talk about the colors with your kids! A great science project for preschoolers too!
Nature Walk take a bucket oustide and let your toddler collect til her heart's content!
Play with a baby doll -feeding it, loving it, putting it down for a nap...we do this with Reagan's teddy bear "Baby"
Hide and Seek or Peek-a-boo
Tea Party I read from another mom that it's a good idea to either put a blanket down to avoid the floor getting wet or take the party outside!
Hand games pat-a-cake, wheels on the bus, itsy-bitsy spider
Rolling and kicking a ball
Going to the park
Dancing to fun music
Make a fort use blankets and pillows and old carboard boxes for tunnels!

Alright, that's it for now! Tune in next week for some more fun ideas!

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