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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Butternut Squash Soup Review

I made this soup this past week and quite frankly, I thought it was really wonderful. The rest of my family, however, didn't have such a high opinion. Reagan refused to touch it after one bite and my husband only managed to choke down a few spoonfuls, all the while saying "No, it's pretty decent, no, really!"

Alas, my family is quite the meat and potatoes type of meal family. If it's not meat, and if it's not red, with as few vegetables as possible, well,they're just not that interested. So don't let my family dissuade you from trying this soup! Again, I found it to be quite tasty and filling! Even without the cream cheese, it would have been great and with it...YUM! (Note: I only used half the cream cheese suggested!)

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