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Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm rereading Twilight again, because I just wasn't pathetic ENOUGH the first time apparently :) And, as usual, I skipped over at least half, and probably closer to 2/3 of New Moon. Why? Because I'm SO pathetic I can't stand reading about Jacob and have to skip ahead to the part where Edward reenters the picture.

Yes. I'm trying to relive my teenage years. Can anyone really blame me? EDWARD?!!! Sigh...fantasies are so much nicer than real life--well, a good portion of the time anyway.

At any rate, here's my theory. Bella was supposedly in love with Jacob too at least a little anyway. Obviously, no where near as much as she loved Edward. And this only after Edward leaves her for the better part of a year thinking that he doesn't love her (which he does only to protect her)...Good Heavens, I feel like I really AM in high school.

BUT! Here's the kicker. Immediately after having Renesmee and turning into a vampire, she stops having ANY of those emotions for Jabob. And we all know that of course Jacob "imprints" on Renesmee (or maybe I'm the only one reading this blog that does because I'm the only one obsessed with Twilight..at any rate)---SO, here is my theory: I really truly believe that Bella NEVER really loved Jacob in that way..it was all the feelings of Renesmee coming out towards Jacob through her mother Bella and of course Bella thought those were HER feelings, but they weren't! And of course, as soon as Renesmee was born..well those feelings AND the baby were out of Bella.

See? Yes, it's official. I spend WAY too much time reading Twilight. AND I DON"T CARE! Off to finish Breaking Dawn again..with a glass of wine ;)

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  1. I love the twilight books too. I can't honestly say that I "read" that much into them as you have, but I did and do, when I re-read them, find myself slipping into a wonderful world of fantasy.....so guess I am just as pathetic as you.....Love ya!!!

    P.s. I have also read another Vampire series called House of Night. No where near Twilight, but a good read too. I can't wait for the next one to come out so that I can read it too. In fact, they are talking about making a movie from these books too!!


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