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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't Drink The Green Water!!!!!!

Reagan drinks out of sippy cups, especially at night. Purely for cleaning reasons. And we tend to use those multi-colored packs of semi-disposable sippy cups from Wal-Mart. I'm sure all moms know exactly which cups I mean.

The other night we handed Reagan her cup of water, complete with red cup and green lid. She said "Mommy, look, the water's green!" I proceeded to explain the water wasn't really green, it was just the way it looked through the lid. She said "Oh, Grandma gave me green water."

Me: "Oh did she? When did Grandma give you green water?"
Reagan: "How bout I tell you a story about that?" (which nearly sent me into hysterical fits right there!)
Me: Ok.
Reagan: Well there was a storm and it was raining and lightening and there was a monster. And I drank the green water and it makes you fly through the storm. And then there was a tall and furry moster. And that's the end."

My mother in law thinks it was a variation of her playing in the green lake water with Reagan under an umbrella--regardless, heed my warning: DON'T DRINK THE GREEN WATER!!! ;)

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