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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Rant About Applesauce

Yes...applesauce. The other day I decided I wanted some applesauce to go with my lunch. I put it in a container, took a big bite...and nearly keeled over from the excruciating sweetness. I thought to myself 'there is no way this is our regular applesauce.' Sure enough, after looking at the container, I realized it was "CLASSIC" applesauce and not "NO SUGAR ADDED".

Now, exactly WHY do manufacturers feel the need to add sugar to our applesauce? I mean, we eat apples every day with no added sugar!!! WHY, oh WHY do we need sugar in our applesauce??? AND FURTHERMORE...WHY call it CLASSIC applesauce, when it it so clearly NOT classic..Classic implies unchanged...adding a small mountain of sugar to the applesauce is CLEARLY changing it!

UGH. Well, at least this explains why Reagan was slurping the stuff down like there was no tomorrow and ignorning all her other food!!


  1. Too funny!!!! I have been eating alot of applesauce lately when I take my prenatals at night so I wont get sick......I dont think I would be able to swallow it if there were to be added sugar.

  2. I've wondered that, too. We eat the no sugar added kind, as well (well, not me, I don't eat applesauce), but our kids would probably eat it better if I bought the sugar kind.


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