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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The CVS-virgin!

I have been hearing tons of stories about people scoring awesome deals at CVS. I researched, read tons of blogs, talked to various people and still felt I was just too stupid to get all the "ECB" and "B1G1" and coupon-ing lingo....that is, until I checked out Deal Seeking Mom! Thanks to her post this week and the wonderful ladies that commented with their own CVS scenarios, I was able to figure it out and come up with some of my own scenarios! So here it is, my first time playing the CVS Game!

Transaction #1
Buy 2 Throat Coolers for Kids (I will be using a coupon I found a link to at Deal Seeking Mom that is buy one, get one free)
Total without tax=$4.99
Use my .50 cents in ECB that I discovered I had!
Total out of pocket expense=$4.49
ECB's earned: $9.98

Transaction #2
Soyjoy 6 pack $6.00
Kotex bonus pack $4.99
Use $1 Kotex coupon from paper
Total without tax=$9.99
Pay with ECB's earned=$9.98
Out of pocket expense=$.01
ECB's earned: $8.00

Transaction #3
Cheerios 2 pack $7.99
Use ECB's: $8.00
Out of pocket expense=$0
ECB's earned: $4.00

Transaction #4
Cologate Buy 1 Get 1 (prices range $1.99-$3.29)
Use coupons from paper (either .75 or $1.00)
Johnson's Bonus packs $3.99 each or buy Johnson's baby products that are less than $3.99 and use my two printable coupons for $2.00 off any Johnson's product
We need Q-tips, so purchase those and use my printable $3.00 off coupon for a CVS product.
Use $4.00 ECB's
Out of pocket expense: varies, hopefully less than $3.00!

Hopefully this helps someone else! All the coupons I mentioned were either in today's paper or a link can be found on Deal Seeking Mom's website! Good luck!


  1. I need to get back into CVS. I saved a ton when I did it, but it was so much work coming up with the scenarios. I will have to check out that website though. Thanks!


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