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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I cannot share.

The other day, as I prepared to get my shower, I noticed my towel was damp. Apparently my husband had grabbed it to dry off, in his haste to get ready and get out the door to work. Why he couldn't just grab a fresh one out of the cabinet, literally two steps away, I'll never know. But he's a guy, and I guess that's reason enough.

Now, the towel wasn't *THAT* damp, and it should have been perfectly clean since he was drying off a freshly clean body. But I just couldn't get over the fact that it had been drying off *HIS* body. Of course, this makes little rational sense. After all, I *am* married to the guy. We have kissed and shared plenty of germs in other marital activities, but I just could not conceive of sharing my towel with him.

So then I started thinking about other things that it absolutely completely grosses me out to share..and how those make little sense either:

I can share a glass of water or tea, but I cannot, will not, share milk, coke or orange juice with someone...ugh, it makes me shudder even to think about it.

I can use a public restroom, but I can't share a towel with my husband.

I can clean up my daughter's puke, but if someone sneezes within a foot of my coffee while walking at the mall, in the trash it goes.

I will gladly eat pizza that has sat out for two days in a cold oven, but bring me a steak at a five star restaurant that isn't smoking and charred black, if it has even the tiniest hint of pink...send it back!

I know, I know. None of this makes sense, but there they are..just a few of the idiosyncrasies I have developed over the years...so share one of yours...and Jana and Kelly, you cannot talk about how you only eat things in twos....because I'm calling you out already here!


  1. Ha! I was eating M&Ms earlier, in twos of course. Idiosyncracies? I don't think I have any, do I?? :-)

    Oh yeah, there is the one wearing even slightly damp socks. I think I took 4 pairs of socks for each day we were in Disney World.

  2. I color code my M&M's then eat them..Yikes!
    Sharing combs and brushes - I have seen women do this in the mall restrooms...uck.

  3. I don't like using a damp towel, but it's not the fact it was used to dry off my husband....it just can't stand using a damp towel. Like if I take a second shower in the day and my original towel is still damp, I hate it.


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