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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sorry guys! I somehow managed to get ahead of myself! Baking Day is actually scheduled for tomorrow so I'll be posting all of the great recipes and maybe even some photos too! (Btw, welcome to the blog Lorraine!! I'm so happy you found me!)

In the meantime, I just have to brag a little about how great my daughter is. Lately, I get a ton of kisses and hugs and songs sung to me by my little Cuddle-Bug every day. She's so easy to talk to and every day says something new that stops me in my tracks and makes me just stare at her in awe..how does she know these things?

Or she'll say something that will just make my heart melt into a tiny puddle of mommy-love. For instance:

Reagan: I have a baby brudder.
Mommy: You WANT a baby brother?
Reagan: (nodding) (holding her arms like she's holding a baby) I want to rock him.
Mommy: And give him a kiss?
Reagan: Awwwwww, sweet. Read him story books too.

Can we say LOVE??!?!!?!

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  1. So sweet! Little is that way with Baby Buddy...sometimes.


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