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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loving the deals people, loving the deals....

So after spending several evenings this past week reviewing and cutting coupons, reviewing sales, etc; I finally went shopping today. And I must say, (for me) I did extremely well! I was going to post a picture of all the groceries I purchased for the amount I spent, but frankly, it would have just been even more exhausting since I tend to stockpile when I shop. And shopping, paying for, getting groceries in the car, getting them home and putting them away, while with a toddler, in the freezing cold and snow, is not exactly the most fun I've ever had.

I will tell I made out with some fantastic deals! I'll post them here for you so you can see for yourself! (By the way, this will last my family at least two weeks without returning to the store AND I was able to stockpile several things, including a TON of meat, medications, soaps, etc, that will last for quite a while in our freezer and secondary pantry!!)

(unfortunately my scenarios didn't work out as well as I had hoped because they were out of the Throat Coolers, which really put me in the 'green' in ECB's).
ECB's leftover=$4.00
The Goods:

Double pack (1000 count) qtips
Bonus pack Johnson and Johnson shampoo
6 pack of Soyjoy
Kotex bonus pack with liners
Double pack of family size Cheerios
oh, and once piece of cheap candy!

The Goods:

Healthy Choice Frozen Meal
3.5 lbs cat food
Litter Liners
BeachNut Toddler Meal (2)
Johnson's Little Buddies Easy Grip Soap (3)
Walmart brand Zyrtec (first time using this..wish us luck that it works as well as Zyrtec!)
Walmart brand Tylenol (also first time using this!)
Kotex pantyliners
Christmas bows (.25!!!)
Progresso soups (2 cans of low sodium! perfect for lunch!)
White Cloud size 5 diapers (using these at night while PTing!)

The Goods:

2 cucumbers
1 green pepper
1 bunch celery
1.5 lbs roma tomatoes
puff cereal
4 pack cottenelle tp (2)
box of crackers
kashi cereal bars (2 boxes)
package of ranch dip mix
family size frozen broccoli
baby carrots
1/2 gallon milk (2)
organic frozen corn
large size lemon juice
a small ton of kroger individual size yogurts for me!
rice krispies (2 boxes)
yoplait less sugar kid's yogurt (2 6-packs)
suave conditioner
suave shampoo
clorox sanitizing spray
sweet and low
20 lbs of chicken leg quarters
bag of kroger pretzels
2 lbs of lunch meat
family pack of chicken breasts
extremely LARGE pork roast (will be enough for SEVERAL meals!)
tea bags
whipped topping
trash bags
popcorn shrimp
package of instant potatoes (it was nearly free, I had to buy it!)
fridge pack of diet coke
mushrooms (2 cans)
lunchables (2--on clearance!)

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