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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions

There seems to be a growing trend toward selecting a word to personify the coming year. I've decided to jump on the bandwagon (clearly my word for the year is NOT 'leader'); My word is HAPPY. I want to be a happy person. I want to find joy in the little things. I want to laugh more, cry tears of happiness more, feel more, love more. I think Reagan deserves a happy mommy and Josh deserves a happy wife.

In an attempt to not be so ambiguous about this goal (which is another of my resolutions), I've been thinking of some ways to make myself happier. I want to spend less time cleaning and more time playing. I want to say no to more commitments and yes to more free time. I want to say no to more 'stuff' (which inevitably leads to more cleaning and less time) and yes to more experiences. I want to say NO to worrying about the future and yes to focusing on what I can deal with and prepare for. (This does NOT mean I won't continue to keep abreast of ongoing situations in our country and abroad!) I want to be happy about where I am, instead of wanting to be somewhere else farther in my life.


I also have some other resolutions, which I've tried to make very specific and focused.

I will lose 20 lbs. Just 20. That is all I will concentrate on. More is fine. But 20 is all I will require of myself.

I will manage my time better. Instead of traipsing around the house endlessly, trying to accomplish one task each day and getting little, if anything, done and not having time to play with and enjoy Reagan, I will prepare a weekly schedule and manage our time better. More time to focus on her and helping her learn and play and less time wasted.

I will set up a curriculum for Reagan to learn her colors and numbers and other things she needs to know...through play of course! But there are goals I have for her and I want to reach them.

I will make more time to be a wife. Date nights need to become a priority for Josh and I. Once a month...and it doesn't have to be anything big, maybe just dinner or a movie or shopping together, but just time to talk and enjoy each other's company.

I will stick to our budget. I will not get sidetracked by how cute a toy is and how much Reagan NEEDS it. She does not need it. We do not need it. We will stick to a budget.

I will take better care of myself and become healthier so I can be there for my children. More vegetables, more exercise, less sweets and more rest. Time carved out weekly (this does NOT include work) for just me to do something I enjoy--a trip to Starbucks by myself, time to read a novel, a shopping trip by myself...or maybe even a bathroom break by myself!

I will be accountable. This year I'm going to make myself report once a month, on this blog, how I'm doing with my goals. The first of every month will be "Resolution Update" time.

So those are my resolutions. What's yours?


  1. Good stuff, Leah! I can definetely agree with you on the clean less - play more aspect! I do need to get on some actual resolutions, though. Happy New Year!

  2. You mean we can get bathroom breaks to ourselves? Really? Must work on that :). This is a great list. I plan to publish mine soon (assuming I can find time to blog).


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