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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did I mention we found a house?

We did :) and we put an offer on it....AND it was accepted..contingent upon us selling our house. I really hope our house sells soon.

About the house..it's very cute and in a VERY nice, established neighborhood (actually our second favorite in our town!). It's 1472 square feet above and 470 square feet below in a partial basement. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, a deck, a three season room, and a big backyard with tons of mature trees. We even have a lilac tree right outside the master bedroom, a raised vegetable/flower garden and great landscaping.

It does need some updating, just because it's about that time in the house's life. It's 18 years old, so it needs updated fixtures, cabinets and flooring..but otherwise it's absolutely perfect for us (or would be if it only had four bedrooms! oh well!)

I am really praying our house sells soon and we can move into our home as soon as possible. I have so many plans already! I want to make one of the bedrooms a large office for Josh and I (mostly Josh), make the basement a huge playroom complete with swings from the ceiling and slides, make the three season room a great reading room/sleeping porch for the summer and adding a nice privacy fence and a cute little dog to our home! I even told Josh that *I* was demanding a flat screen! LOL!...this from the person who cares little about technology...but I want to somehow incorporate it/hide it behind artwork in the living area.

I EVEN have a tree that is some sort of pine, which means no more scrounging for pinecones for decorating at Christmas...I have my own private manufacturing 'facility' right outside ;)

Seriously, I do love it and I can't wait to show it off to you guys *if* *when* we get it!

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  1. congrats leah and josh. stacy and i will be praying that your house sells soon so that you all can move into your new blessing. we can't wait to see you soon. hopefully this will be able be happen. take care and we love and miss you.


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