"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction"-Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Reaganisms for you!!

Reagan saw Josh getting into the shower today. (What can I say? She barges in on everyone!) And she started giggling (no, not great for his ego!) and said "Daddy, you're so furry! You need to brush yourself!" LOL!! This will be especially funny for people who know Josh in real life and understand that he is a very furry guy!

Mommy: Reagan we're going to the zoo today. They have a new exhibit with lions, zebras, hyenas..all kinds of new animals. Are you excited??
Reagan: Mommy, hyenas are bad. (very seriously)
Hmm......exactly when did I let her watch Lion King?????

Daddy took Reagan to the potty the other day when she said she had to go pee-pee. He sat her down, waited a couple of minutes and said "Well? Aren't you going to go pee-pee?" She looked back at him and said "Hold on Daddy. It's coming."

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