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Monday, June 29, 2009

Reagan and "Girl"

Today Reagan and I decided to celebrate her potty training success by building a bear at, well, Build-A-Bear. (go figure on that one!) Reagan was so excited and yes, a little overwhelmed. (I'd probably wait a little while longer to do it with another kid.) She picked out an adorable black bear, gave it big girl panties, a denim skirt and a purple shirt with an owl on it. When asked what her bear's name was so I could fill out the 'birth' certificate, she said "Her name is Girl".....and so, that's what she's called.

Right now they're both sacked out in bed, snoozing nap time happily away. I should take a clue from them!

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  1. Our B-A-B animals are a cat named Kitty and a rabbit named Bunny. We're very original around here, too. :-)


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