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Monday, December 21, 2009

Craft Ideas for the Little Ones

Despite the fact that Reagan has an icky cold and I'm still hacking up a lung, we're going to our Moms Group's craft time tomorrow (mostly because I put together the craft projects and need to be there to set them up!) I thought I'd share the ideas with you because they're relatively simple, and a great way to share some together time with the kids!

Christmas Tree Cardboard Cut-Outs
This craft idea came from another mom and you can actually use this idea for so many different things--spiderwebs, pizzas, etc.

1. Cut out a Christmas tree shape from cardboard. (Take my advice on this--use THIN cardboard...as in cereal box or cracker box thin.) Make small slashes on each side of tree (about four.) Let your child wind ribbon or yarn around the tree for garland and decorate with glitter, stickers, etc.

2. Birthday Candle for Jesus
You'll need an empty toilet paper roll, construction paper, (optional: crepe paper) and tape. Cut the construction paper to fit around the toilet paper tube. Tape on and then use construction paper or crepe paper for a flame.

Here is the one Reagan made for me last year. It has a place of honor right with the Waterford Nativity!

3. Baby Jesus in a Manger
You'll need a small copy of a baby wrapped in a blanket, a cup cut from an egg carton, and a cotton ball. Let your child color the picture of Baby Jesus and then have him put the cotton ball in and lay Jesus on top of it. Easy and adorable manger!

4. Christmas Bell
You'll need a paper cup, yarn, scissors, a pencil, a bell (check Dollar Stores for these!), tape, markers, construction paper. Make a hole in the bottom of the cup and attach a small piece of yarn to the bell and thread it through the cup, securing it (with tape if need be.) On a piece of construction paper, write the words "I heard the bells on Christmas Day" or "Every time a bell rings an Angel gets his wings" or another sentiment if you prefer. Let your child decorate and then affix to the cup!

I'm sure others of you have great ideas, feel free to leave them here! I'd love to have some new ones!

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