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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 19: Make It Homemade

Yes, I shamelessly borrowed Sandra Lee's tag line, but this is a GREAT Christmas tip! Reagan and I love baking cookies and bread to give away as gifts, but Reagan also really enjoys making crafts to give to her grandparents. Her second Christmas, we made hand prints with finger paint and framed them; last year she did paintings which we framed with her current Christmas photo. This year Reagan is making wreaths out of paper plates, bows, stickers and tons of glitter glue. She's quite excited about them and they really are adorable. She already made one for me to display on our window and one for Daddy to take to the office--she can barely wait to give Grandma, Grandpa, Pawpaw, Granny and Pawpaw, and Grandma from Texas the others that she's crafted.

Gifts don't have to be elaborate. Use a talent you have to make gifts this year. Maybe you're great at sewing, maybe you're wonderful at knitting--make blankets or book covers or place mats for your loved ones. Etch glasses with a Christmas motif or monogram, use woodworking skills to create shelves, objects of art and other wonderful items.

Get creative, put some of yourself into your gifts this year. I guarantee those are the gifts that are going to be treasured and remembered long after the gift card to Starbucks is used or that DVD has been watched and left to collect dust in the entertainment center. (And yes, I give those types of gifts, too!)

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