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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So Proud of my Little One!

Today Reagan and I struck out in the cold to do some last minute Christmas shopping (and buy mommy and Reagan some much needed thicker socks!!!) Reagan had wanted to buy daddy and the cats and her grandparent's dogs (Ginger and BG) some presents..oh and I got one too..lol..ok I did mention myself...geez, moms are so taken for granted!

Anyhow, she asked to take her purse and I stuck a $20 bill in it and told her it was her money to buy HER gifts. I reminded her again that these gifts were not meant for her, but for her to buy OTHER people gifts that she thought they might like. And off we went to the Dollar Store. It took a few attempts to get her in the direction of something Daddy might like (she kept picking up Christmas knick-knacks...so not daddy!) but eventually she was shopping like an old pro.

Not only did she get the cats presents, the dogs presents, mommy a present and daddy a present, but then she proceeded to fill her shopping cart with toys that 'other little boys and girls would like'. How sweet is that?? We only had one major disagreement--over a hat shaped like a parrot head..and I eventually gave in (she wanted this to go in the big toy box for the boys and girls without toys!)

Not one time did she pick up something for herself or ask for something for herself. She placed all the toys into the big Toys for Tots box all by herself and then was ready to leave. On the way to the car, she said "Mommy, I even have money left over
($2!) to put in my piggy bank!"

I AM JUST SO PROUD OF HER!!!! This year we've really been trying to teach her about giving to others and I'm so happy that those lessons and words have paid off!!!


  1. You are raising an amazing girl!

  2. BTW, I don't know how to get my blog to do a feed or whatever. UGH. Heinousity!


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