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Friday, December 25, 2009

What I'll Remember from Christmas 2009

1. That not having your preschooler take a nap is a disaster! And we truly are the Clark Griswold family! (Think trying for that Norman Rockwell moment and ending up with the Griswold one instead!)

2. Reagan playing dinosaurs and saying "..the dinosaurs were watching over their flock by night..."

3. Me finally admitting to Josh that the matching pj pants he was wearing were indeed WOMEN'S pj pants. I wish I'd had a camera to catch his expression. Needless to say I laughed so hard that I nearly pee'd myself, tears were running out of my eyes and I was gagging!

4. Throwing carrot and broccoli pieces out in the snow to look like reindeer had eaten them..only to realize it looked to the passersby that I was throwing chunks at their cars!

5. The oven smoking as I tried to dry the coffee stained note from Santa to Reagan!

6. Drinking Killian's and watching White Christmas with Josh after we FINALLY finished wrapping all the presents!

7. Reagan adamantly stating that baby Jesus canNOT have frosting on His cake because babies don't eat frosting.

8. Watching Reagan's face in absolute amazement as she gazed at the presents, and how she just stood there and didn't touch a single one for quite some time!

9. That Reagan and I were both equally smitten with her Kota dinosaur and we both played with it and cooed over it for HOURS!

10. That Josh apparently thinks I'm trying to give him a heart attack because most of his gifts were food related (OOPS!) but in my defense I gave him a snow blower-shovel too!!

11. That mid afternoon naps are WONDERFUL!

12. That I always go way overboard on gifts for Reagan and Josh and I need to chill because that's not what the season is about.

13. That I am absolutely teaching Reagan to play games so we have lots of fun activities on Christmas Day!

14. That missing Christmas Eve service just leaves a big hole in my heart...I really need that time to commune with God.

15. That there are STILL wonderful movies that the whole family can enjoy and watch again and again and again and again and.....oy vey.

16. And that I really love all of my family and when I'm away from part of them I feel it--so I need to make more time to focus on family!

All in all, we had a fantastic Christmas and I hope you did too!

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