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Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 14: Traditions

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the traditions that my family shares. Growing up I didn't really think about what things were traditions, but once I was away from my family, there were obviously quite a few traditions I had grown to expect and love.

We always, always, always got underwear and socks for Christmas. Without fail. And we ALWAYS had dinner at Granny's house...with cornbread dressing, deviled eggs and green bean casserole...and most importantly, lemon pie. NOTHING in our family was truly celebrated unless there was a lemon pie. And inevitably, Pawpaw and I would fight over the last piece. And...just as inevitably, Granny would bring out another lemon pie that she had hidden deep in the freezer away from Pawpaw's hunting eyes. God Bless Granny :) We always had stockings filled with fruit and nuts---and at least one orange that we'd dive into with a candy cane on the side. Honestly, there is nothing like the taste of oranges and peppermint mixed together. I remember being quite surprised that other children received toys in their stockings...didn't everyone grow up with fruit and nuts in theirs??

These are the things I look back on at Christmas and sigh wistfully for. And these are some of the traditions I try to recreate for my family at Christmas now. Lemon pie (even if it's just really for me), dinner with grandparents; and even though my daughter doesn't get underwear and socks, I'll make sure there's an orange and a candy cane in her stocking come Christmas morning.

Find something that means Christmas to you and celebrate it with your family. THESE are the things your children will remember..not what they received, but what they experienced.

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