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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Candy Crack...

UGH! This is not a feel good post. Just a warning, people.

Let's start at the beginning. Wednesday started out pretty much like any other Wednesday. Racing to get ready, going to playgroup, hanging out with friends...you know, just normal every day stuff.

Then my friend Laura decided to bring out a little recipe she'd decided to try...Saltine Cracker Candy. We were all hooked. The stuff is to die for. I mean, really, super good. The kind of candy you can't just stop eating at one, two or even three pieces. The kids loved it. The moms loved it. You get the point. Let's forget the fact that it wasn't exactly the best thing to be eating if you're trying to lose weight..yeah, let's forget that point entirely...because I have something more important I want you to focus on.

So, we go home, have an average day. Dinner comes around and Reagan eats all her dinner...GOOD JOB REAGAN! This RARELY happens. I have to BEG her to eat vegetables and meat. So I decide to be a good mom and wife and make...you got it...Saltine Cracker Candy!

Fast forward to later that evening and I could not get the stuff out of the pan...ok, we got a little out..but not much. The next day my friend Monica came over and brought her girls. We hacked away at the pan together, chipping pieces off, damaging my poor Pampered Chef spatula and despairing that I would EVER get my pan back. Later that evening I decided I had had enough and some stupid candy was NOT going to get the best of me. So I attacked it...like a crazy woman..pounding it out of the pan...right. on. top. of. my. ceramic. topped. stove.

Do you see where this is going?

As I'm cooking dinner I notice a huge crack and tons of little chips IN THE CERAMIC. Josh comes home and notices that there is not only ONE crack, but a GIGANTIC "X" crack in the middle of my ceramic stove.

UGH...I could KICK myself, I'm so angry! I didn't even THINK about the fact that the top was ceramic. UGH! UGH! UGH!!!!!!

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