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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Own Little Vent

If you're a mom, have you ever run into one of THOSE moms...you know the ones. They think they're superior to simply every other mom on the planet, simply because they're just either confident people, have several children or they have some kind of teaching background? And not every mom that falls into those particular categories are the uber-"I'm so good at being a mom and you're so not" category..those are just the categories that stick out to me.

I'm not a confident mom and I certainly don't even pretend to give advice to anyone because I'm living on a wing and a prayer at this point. But it drives me stark raving mad when another mom acts condescending and preachy and fake-sympathetic towards me when I'm struggling with an issue. You know what I do when this happens? It's absolutely horrible..but I just remind myself that these are the parents whose children will probably fly the coup at an early age and refuse to have anything to do with their parents or these are the kids that will end up as psychopaths. Yes, I'm horrid. But really, those types of moms drive me beyond my capacity for compassion.

I know I have a very dominating child. I know I let her get away with way more than I should in her behavior towards her dad and I. But I also know I have one of the smartest three year olds I know. My three year old? Yeah, she already adds and subtracts. She can tell you all about dinosaurs and the (real) names of their bones and if they're a carnivore, herbivore or onmnivore. People that know her forget she just turned three because she has a superior vocabularly. She asks questions about weather patterns, the earth's structure, how the solar system works and can actually tell you all about it. Someone once told Josh and I she sounded more like a first grader with the amount of knowledge she displays rather than a three year old. I truly think she's gifted and people that are around her often agree. She is socially interactive with friends; sweet, will argue with you with logic and fact. She is an amazing child.

So that's another reason I get so unbelievably upset by the "condescending" mom. I may not have it all together, but we're obviously doing something somewhat right. So, with all that, anyone have any suggestions for dealing with THOSE types of moms? Because seriously, I may be bald the next time you see me because I've nearly pulled all my hair out!


  1. Amen! I can't stand THOSE moms. Wow, you left the mall because your kid was screaming? Yeah. I did.

    Well, I just can't understand why you didn't do this, this, or that. Guess I'm not as great as Perfect Mom!

    But, my kid will be kicking that kid's ass in school because, she might be a holy terror at the mall, but she's 2.5yrs old and can count to 20 and then count back down to 1.

    I love the ones with their "well I just put my kid to bed and they know it's bedtime". Good for you. Hope your next kid is just like mine and doesn't sleep at all. Have fun with that. :-) I'll be waiting for the big advice then from Perfect Mom.

  2. Being a mom is just plain hard ladies. No two children are alike and no two moms are either. We all do what is best for our children and no one (except the Good Lord) has the capacity to love our children the way we do. Hold on to this, know that you are doing your very best as SHE is doing her very best and love your child more. Because you know you can do it :)


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