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Friday, January 29, 2010


Hi Company Girls! Unfortunately I'm blogging from my office so no cute coffee cup image for me this week..HOWEVER, if you want to find out all about the Company Girls, check out THIS great blog!!

And now, for my post!

We're supposed to be leaving for Alabama in the morning (at ahem, 4 am) and an ice storm has taken over the south. NICE. I move to the frozen tundra, and an ICE storm happens on the one week in the south, that I decide to visit home. Ah, life.

On other news fronts (fronts, get it, storm fronts, home fronts....heheh..ok it was a VERY pathetic pun), homeschooling planning is coming along nicely. After prayer and some research I felt a lot clearer in my goals and I have a nice outline of tasks I want to accomplish. I'll be putting my first lesson plan together this week on vacation and school will begin when we return! YAH!!!!!

Not much else to blog about because I'm super busy getting ready--no posts from me for a week because I'll be without a computer AT ALL! (EEEK!) Oh, one thing....every time I walk through a door lately I've had this strange urge to scream "Science kid in the hoooowwwwwwwse!"

Yep. I think I've officially overdosed on PBS.


  1. Good luck with that storm - I'm so surprised it's missing good old southeastern PA/south NJ for once!

    I've been telling my husband for ages that when we have children, I would like to homeschool for a multitude of reasons. Best of luck!!!

  2. LOL - yeah, I think that's an overdose of PBS. Could be worse though! At least you aren't yet laughing like Sid's grandmother (you aren't, are you?)

  3. okay I don't even have a kid but I know exactly what that is from. oh, Sid.

  4. Congratulations of beginning to homeschool your daughter! I can tell you from my perspective as a 8 year veteran, it is a blessing and a wonderful lifestyle choice, not just an educational decision. I hope you and your daughter have fun with pre-school and ease into your style of schooling with joy. Also, please feel free to make mistakes. We all do. I have bought curriculum that I hated, tried styles that didn't work for us, and missed whole subjects one year. It was an education for me, and a small price to pay for finding what we really loved and learning to not sweat the small stuff! The best news - you can always sell it at a used curriculum sale because someone else is going to love it!

  5. Good luck with that storm - we're very lucky to only be getting the very very tip of it, like an inch of snow.

    And best wishes for the home schooling - I've been telling my husband for ages that I want to home school when the time comes, for so many reasons.

    Thank you for the kind words on my blog. And you're right, sometimes it is so easy to forget to just smile because we have so much on our minds.

  6. No computer for a week???? Egads!!!
    Congrats on the moving forward plans for homeschooling. It's a wonderful ride!!

  7. Sid, one of our most quoted characters of all time, along with the emperor's new groove lines.

    "I prefer the classics"
    "She completes you." (ice age II?)

    Ice in the south.....everything comes to a halt! Gotta kind of love that.

  8. Hope everything worked out for the trip. The weather should know your plans and stick to the schedule. =p Have fun homeschooling. That's very exciting.

  9. Hope you were able to travel. We were recipients of much of that storm and haven't left the house in two days! Hubby tried to leave this morning and slid into a ditch as soon as he left!

    Good luck with the homeschooling! The amount of information out there can be quite overwhelming. Just pray and ask God to lead you in the right direction. There are as many ideas/opinions as there are homeschoolers and you just have to figure out what works for your family. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. We homeschoolers love to share! :)

  10. Home-educating ROCKS! It is challenging, exhausting, frustrating and crazy and yet I highly recommend it. :)
    You sound like a super organized together kind of a girl...you'll be great. Just remember to have some flexibility enough to tweak when you need to. I'm just the opposite I'm miss flexibility(fly by the seat of your pants really) and I have to work extra hard at the organization part. But God is so good and his grace covers my inadequacies!
    Best wishes to you as you begin your HS journey. It is a blessing and a privileged!


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