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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Cheap" or erm, "Inexpensive" Valentine's Day Ideas!

My husband and I normally cheese it up on Valentine's..or at least I try to! One year I bought him several of those $1 boxes of chocolates from Walmart that said "You Rev Me Up!" and had pictures of of cartoon cars on it. Another year, I draped our entire bedroom in leftover white tulle! (*It slightly killed the romantic moment getting caught up in it!*) Another year I did TRY to be romantic and sent him on a treasure hunt around town. I think I had as much fun planning it as he did picking up the clues and presents at various locations.

This year, we *are* planning a date, but not really because of Valentine's..mostly because we haven't had a date in, oh, I guess 8-9 months or so?? We'll probably go to a coffee shop, enjoy some coffee and just spend time talking to each other..maybe a leisurely dinner, nothing too expensive...hopefully Chinese if I can talk him into it!

However, I read a post, check it out here, and it gave me some great ideas I hadn't thought of before. I hope you'll get a chance to check it out! In the meantime, here is what I'm planning for Valentine's!

*A special Valentine's post for Josh and Reagan
*A cookie bouquet! (Read about it on that link above!)
*Special Valentine's cards for the grandparents (IF they arrive in time...so far they haven't..argh!)
*Valentine goody bags for the playgroup: heart shaped plastic slinkies, stickers that Reagan picked out, cookies or heart-shaped pretzels with cinnamon-sugar icing (we also plan on making this for our treat to bring to Reagan's Valentine's party on Tuesday!)
*I may even make the heart shaped tea bags for the moms in the playgroup! Read about those on the link as well!
*Have a "red" day with Reagan where we eat red food and wear red clothes and make a red collage!
*Have a "heart" day with Reagan where we play fun games and make lots of heart shaped things!

Hope you get some great ideas for your Valentine's Day!


  1. Great ideas! Can you share some of the details about the "around town" treasure hunt?? I really like this idea...

  2. Sounds like a fun plan! We don't really do Valentine's day and never have, but Matt and I did take advantage of the grandparents being here last weekend and went on a date.

  3. Your posts are giving me so much motivation to save money :). Hope you got my e-mail. Things have been crazy here with Nicky being born.


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