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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reagan was cracking us up on Sunday!

Oh my gosh! I think I spent most of Sunday laughing my head off! Here are some of the highlights:

Josh and I having a conversation in the hallway. Reagan walks in from the playroom. "Mommy, I want a baby budder. Soon." I was a little taken aback, but admist my laughter I managed to assure her that we were indeed working on it, but unfortunately had no control over when it would happen! Demanding, isn't she?
Reagan and I were playing at Grandma and Granpa's house with her tool 'shed'...she wanted to play peekaboo through the 'window'. We were playing, laughing and having a good time and all the sudden I popped up to 'boo' her and she shouts "STOP LOOKING IN MY WINDOW!" (I guess you have to be a big fan of Pooh Bear movies to know this really is funny...Rabbit says it to Tigger ALL.THE.TIME.)
Reagan and I were playing doctor in the evening and she was checking my nose. I asked if there was anything in it and she said "YES!", stuck her finger up my nose and said "A finger!"....That's not all, she then proceeded to take my blood pressure and when I asked if it was ok she pronounced "you're alive!" (this is what I always say to her when I take hers!). Oh, then she checked my ears and I apparently was growing seeds in them! This kid is a hoot!
Reagan, Daddy and I were taking a drive in the evening. We had to stop back at home and somehow Reagan got on the subject of Daddy's hoo-hoo (no, not a subject we broach often, but she has seen him get out of the shower!!) She started laughing and saying "Daddy's hoo-hoo! Daddy's hoo-hoo! I have a hoo-hoo too! Two hoo-hoos!" OH MY GOSH. HYSTERICAL!!!!

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  1. Isn't it hilarious the things they come up with seemingly out of nowhere?! Makes you wonder how their little minds work.


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