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Friday, February 6, 2009

Life on earth....

I'm constantly amazed by how absorbed liberals are by the environment. They will do everything in their power to protect the earth and all that grows and lives in it...UNTIL IT COMES TO HUMAN BABIES!!!!!! Since when is it ok to kill a human child? Since when does a woman's "RIGHT" override the babe's RIGHT?

Here are some points I will continue to make again and again:

Women do have a choice..they have the choice to have sex or not to have sex. If you are woman enough to make the choice to have sex, then you better ante up and be prepared to deal with the consequences!! If you don't want a baby, then there are plenty of people waiting on adoption lists right now who will give that child all the love they could ever want.

Secondly, let us NOT forget that YOUR freedom ends where another person's begins. The woman's freedom ENDS where the child's begins.

As for the argument that the baby is NOT alive because it is dependent on the mother for support for it's life...well that argument is NOT valid and here's why:
Someone very wise once told me "My one month old can't make it on her own either. If I were to leave her and not give her sustenance, she would die. And I would be prosecuted for infanticide. My child in my womb needs my sustenance just the same"..and to say that that is valid reason for murder, is unjustifiable.

So where is the line people? Where's the line?

Here is the news story that has me completely riled up:

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