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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Grocery Shopping Trip #1 and Menu Plan Monday

ok..ok, really Tuesday. (MPM is hosted by OrgJunkie.com)

Alright, I made a shopping trip last night and got all of the items shown below for..... (drum roll please!) $67.53! That's right folks! I saved $39.64 with manufacturer's coupons, $12.05 with bonus coupon savings, and $35.43 with Kroger Plus savings!

Now, I know it looks like I got a lot of junk food...and well, I actually did get more junk items than I normally would. But they were free or close to it and we don't have to eat them all at once!

SO, based on the items I purchased last night, and factoring in a few items I already have on hand, here is our menu for the week!

Monday (yesterday!): Leftover homemade soup (from a neighbor of my mother in law's!) and leftover homemade biscuits
Tuesday: Baked chicken with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes (all purchased items)
Wednesday: Taquitos with Mexican vegetable mix (purchased/one pantry item)
Thursday: Manwich on homemade wheat rolls, steamed vegetables (purchased/two pantry items)
Friday: Chicken Pot Pie with steamed vegetables on the side (combo purchased/staple pantry items)
Saturday: Leftovers or soup/grilled cheese sandwiches (all purchased)
Sunday: (family day) Will take over something to Vicky's house--probably Taquitos! LOL!

Breakfasts (rotate):
Waffles with honey, sausage (all pantry/freezer items)
Fruit and yogurt (purchased)
Baked oatmeal with fruit (combo pantry/purchased items)

Lunches (rotate):
Soup and sandwiches (purchased)
Tuna on crackers with fruit (purchased)
Turkey sandwiches, applesauce (purchased)

Snacks: (purchased) Goldfish, chex mix, cheerio snack mix, fruit, cheese, yogurt, muffins (from the freezer!)


  1. You did great! I am a coupon flunkie. I tried, but could never get organized enough to do it, so they just piled up. I do shop with 3 kids though...so it is hard to concentrate. I will trade you some FL weather for you to shop for me. :)

  2. That is SO impressive. Really, I'm so proud and I don't even know you!!

    I have a little trick to help with your February challenge (and maybe you could do an blog entry on it!). What about trying to sub some of the groceries you would buy with homemade?

    I know you got tons of this stuff for very little or free, so it doesn't really count to look at what you currently bought.

    A quick example? What about mac and cheese. My eleven year old son can eat about half of a box of mac n cheese. For about the same cost (usually less since for about 50 cents I can get a huge box of macaroni which would make many batches), I can buy macaroni, milk, cheese, and use dijon mustard to flavor the cheese sauce (just a smidge of butter and flour to thicken it). Bake and I've got a ton of mac and cheese.

    When my son was your daughter's age, I used to freeze my frozen mac and cheese in muffin tins. (Also froze our leftover veggies etc that way too). Pop out a "brick", microwave, and lunch was served!

    I hope you don't take this as criticism, it's not. Just a thought that you might want to try.

    I really like your blog. Especially "Love grows best in little houses" Brilliant!

  3. I miss Kroger... We don't have one of those or a CVS anywhere near us!


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