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Thursday, February 26, 2009



Let me tell you about my little trip to Kroger this week. First of all, trying to bargain shop with a cranky needs-a-nap toddler is not the best idea in the world! However, Reagan was actually really good..the problem only came when we headed to the checkout.....

So at the checkout, Reagan now likes to help. She wants to put groceries on the conveyor belt. And I let her...I put the heavy stuff up (correction: I usually throw it up there, as I'm trying to hand her stuff too!) and I hand her the lighter items to put up..ie the strawberries or cans of tuna. The teenage boy that was ringing us up seemed slightly disgruntled that it was taking longer for us to get the groceries on the belt than if I had been doing it myself. No matter, teaching my daughter and letting her feel useful is more important than his peevish attitude.

However, he REALLY ticked me off when he rang up all my items, gave me the total and then gave me a pissed off half laugh, smirk and a "can you believe this lady" look when I handed him all my coupons. I asked 'is there a problem' and he answered with a sulky, bad attitude 'no'. (Keep in mind, I'm dealing with a pimply faced, permanent 'duh' look on his face, Ambercrombie and Fitch reject).

I swear. When this little twerp grows up and mommy and daddy are no longer buying him everything and he has to foot the bill for his own groceries, water, electricity, car, gas, insurance, etc, etc, for himself and PERHAPS a wife and child (if he can find someone to put up with him!) then he'll understand and realize those crazy coupon ladies knew something after all.

Until then, I just have to restrain the urge to flick him in the ear.

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