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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Craft Idea for the Little Ones!

Take colored printer paper (I DO NOT recommend construction paper for this project because it's too thick!) and cut out the 'stripes' of the rainbow (red, blue, green, etc). (Don't worry if it looks funky..mine did too!) and tape on the refrigerator (or any surface that's magnetic..a cookie sheet would work in the car for traveling too!)

Cut out pictures from magazines--such as organes, broccoli, blue bowls, yellow flowers, etc). Take magnet strips (from the craft store) or recycle those magnets that come in all sorts of freebie packages or on pizza mailers and tape those to the back of the pictures.

Now your child can match up the colors of the rainbow to all sorts of colors in every day objects!

And this isn't the only project you can do based on this idea! Modify the idea to play with numbers, letters, matching games or do what I plan on doing and let your child create a fruit and vegetable 'garden'!

Such an easy, simple and inexpensive idea for moms to play with and teach their children!

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