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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Do All Husbands Suffer From The Same Vision Disorder?

Tonight Josh gave Reagan a bath. Which was wonderful since she's scared to death of the bath ever since the shower broke while we were both in it! (it's now fixed, but that's not the point). However, as I was running around doing all the mommy stuff..you know, emptying the dishwasher, refilling it, drying clothes, washing clothes, picking up trash, cleaning up from dinner, blah blah blah, I realized that my husband must have a vision problem.

Now, let me preface this by saying I do have a great husband. He really is a great guy...well, most of the time (Josh, if you're reading this I do believe you know I'm referring to the C-Section comments!) and he does help out when he can around the house. But, well, I really do sometimes wonder if he's vision and hearing impaired.

For example, after finishing up in the bathroom with Reagan, he sat down to play a video game. I went into the bathroom to do something and noticed...dirty washcloths everywhere, trash that needed to be disposed of and a training potty that needed to be emptied from pre-bathtime potty time. Did he not see this? Perhaps he had a moment of blindness that allowed him to overlook the things that needed to be done?

Another example: asking him repeatedly to put up a curtain rod or take out the trash. I say it to him, he looks like he registers it, but it just never happens. Is something clogging his ears? Should I purchase the Ear Rinse on sale at CVS this week (free after ECBs!!)?? Or, does he really hear me, as I think he does, since he refers to the constant asking as 'nagging'???

And when did I marry a teenager? Every time I ask him to do something (and he actually ACKNOWLEDGES that he hears it) he heaves this huge sigh as though I just asked him to run a marathon, carrying me on his back, while simultaneously knitting a sweater. Every time I hear this "sigh" it makes me cringe and reminds me of teenage boys acting like their mothers are the worst people in the world for making them get off the video game to pick up their dirty socks.

So, I'm just wondering if ALL men suffer from the same hearing and vision impairment?


  1. Mine is EXACTLY the same.. new light bulbs for the hallway was the latest promise to be done thing.

    It took weeks!

    Tia (from FF)

  2. The curtain rod is up, kid is clean, dishes were loaded. Mission accomplished. I'm sorry, I was in a fog after the funeral service. My bad.


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