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Monday, February 9, 2009

A little bit of couponing...

*FIRST* Let me say that it is NOT my intention to turn this blog into a couponing or deal site. But, I do want to share any great finds or deals I get with other people, because, let's face it, if other moms hadn't already devoted their blogs to telling people about great deals, *I* wouldn't be getting these wonderful savings either!

At any rate, here is what's happening at CVS in my world this week!

Transaction #1:
Gillette Fusion Gamer 7.99
coupon -4.00
Colgate B1G1 2/1.99
Colgate B1G1 2/1.99
Use (4) $1.00 off coupons for Colgate
CVS Children's Chewable Asiprin (obviously NOT for Reagan!)
Milk 2.79/gal
Fig Newtons 1.00
Coupon for Newtons -1.00
Mylanta 5.99
coupon -2.00
Subtotal $12.74
Use $10.00 ECB's from prior "Pepsi" visit
Earn $8.99 ECB's

Transaction #2
ReNu Twin pack contact solution 9.99
Coupon -1.00
Subtotal $8.99
Use ECB's $8.99
OOP=ZERO! Or minimal due to tax!
Earn $2.00 ECB's

Bodiheat Pain Relieving Pad 3 ct 3.99
Peelie -1.00
Subtotal $2.99
Use ECB's 2.00
Earn $3.00 ECBs
**this transaction will depend on first, if I can *find* them item! And secondly, if it has a peelie, otherwise, I won't purchase it!**

Transaction #3 or #4
NyQuil/DayQuil Twin pack (my husband guzzles this stuff when he's sick and rarely EVER misses a day of work...NyQuil..you people are miracle workers!) 9.99
coupon -1.50
Subtotal $8.49
Use either $2.00 or $3.00 in ECB's
OOP: $6.49 or $5.49
Earn $2.00 ECBs

Also, there is a great deal going on Duracell batteries--packs for $5.99, then use your coupons from previous coupon inserts!

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